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The GU INSIDE DROP serves to overcome the
elevation differences between an incoming wastewater connection and the
manhole base. This device reduces wastewater inflow energy and lessens
turbulent entry into main channel flow, reducing H2S emissions, odor and
subsequent erosion/corrosion of the manhole structure.

Incorporates mounting flange and gasket to mount against the
inside radius of the manhole riser.
TYPE 370-Suitable for mounting in manholes 48" 54" and 60" Dia.

Molded Polyethylene

“O” ring design of polyisoprene: 40-45 Durometer – approximately 1” diameter.

Precast Concrete/Masonry Manhole: The GU INSIDE DROP
is bolted to the interior of manhole wall using four 3/8" dia. stainless steel wedge anchors
or threaded stainless steel rod/epoxy bonded anchors.

Important note for precast concrete structures with integral liners: All mechanical anchor attachments through
liner surfaces or pipe riser must be sealed with an elastomeric sealant
approved by the "liner manufacturer".

Inlet connection:
Type 370-will accept 6", 8", or 10" dia. incoming
gravity line connected with flexible boot connectors. Maximum diameter of
cored hole is 14.5". It is recommended that a 10" or 12" dia. cored hole be
used with "jack in place" flexible boot connectors on 6" and 8" inlets and a
14" cored hole be used for "jack in place" flexible boot connectors on 10"

Drop Pipe Connection:
Will accept bell and gasket end of 6" or 8" diameter SDR26/SDR35 PVC gravity sewer pipe and elbow as the vertical conduit within the structure directing the flow of wastewater into the channeling. GU suggests that the channel be one diameter greater than that of the elbow being fitted. I.E. Elbow for 8” diameter pipe requires a 10” manhole channel.

Cleanout / Inspection Cap:
Threaded type, which may be modified to serve
as a half dam by removing the upper half diameter of the cap. Take care not
to damage cap threads. A stainless steel cable or chain may be attached to
the cap and to one of the threaded wedge anchors to prevent accidental loss
after installation.

Drop pipe, threaded wedge anchors, stainless steel cable/chain clamps/saddles, and elbows, supplied by others.